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photographer is operated by South West News Service, Britain's biggest independent press agency. We've been selling exclusive stories to national newspapers and magazines for nearly 50 years and are the most respected name in the business. We have dozens of stories and photos printed in the national media every day - far more than anyone else on the web - earning thousands of pounds for people like you.


So whether you live in the UK or even further afield, we guarantee to find you the best deal possible for your picture. Check out our proud company history to find out more. But don't just take our word for it - click here to read what leading figures in the industry have to say about us.

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Pete Doherty out of prison

When Malcolm Grace spotted rock star Pete Doherty shortly after his release from prison he grabbed a couple of exclusive pictures on his compact camera. We worked up a story and sucessfully marketed the picture to a range of newspapers and magazines netting Malcolm enough money to buy the digital SLR camera he had always wanted.

Freak hail storm hits Devon

Over the course of an evening Ottery St Mary in Devon was left two feet deep in hailstones. approached several amateur photographers who had sent their pictures to the BBC and local newspaper websites for free. After talking to the photographers we were able to sell their pictures to the national press earning them hundreds of pounds.

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